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Nachos from tjs any good?

It's like good bar food

do you take reservations

They sure do

Are the pool tables open?


Do they have specials for your BIRTHDAY


Do you deliver to Wheeling Hospital?

If not, look up I found alot of local restaurants on here that participate.

Hello do you guys have a Wednesday special for $6.00 ? And how much are your soda drinks?

I don't work there. But i lknow that fountain drinks are 2 bucks with free refils with an appetizer or meal. Pepsi and Coke products. Don't know of any wed specials in particular but they always have a different special every day. Hope i could help.

Do you deliver?

No they do not

Have they gotten rid of the rats?


Do they have a gluten free menu?

Do they have a childrens menu

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